Improve peace and quiet in your home or business

Glazing and windows play a critical role in the sound insulation of a building, and are frequently highlighted as the most vulnerable element in a building’s ability to resist noise intrusion. By understanding a few basic fundamentals relating to glass and sound it is possible to select a glass capable of providing good sound reduction to control noise. 

What is SoundSmart? 

SoundSmart laminated acoustic glass is a cast-in-place (CIP) laminated safety glass specifically designed to reduce sound intrusion into buildings. SoundSmart has a special acoustic grade resin interlayer that acts as a sound damper, greatly enhancing it's acoustic performance compared to standard glazing.

SoundSmart acoustic laminate properly installed can reduce the passage of sound through windows by about 38 decibels. SoundSmart is ideally suited to applications where noise prevents normal conversation, relaxation and efficient working conditions such as in houses, offices, hotels, motels, hospitals and recording studios. 

Your average glass can vibrate at the same frequency as the noise source, so sound is able to penetrate through the window. SoundSmart has a special 3-layer laminate designed specifically to reduce vibration, making it very effective in reducing urban noise. 

  • Laminated Grade A safety glass
  • Specially formulated soft interlayer
  • Improved peace