SingleTherm - the affordable alternative to double-glazing

Reduces solar gain

Reduces internal heat loss


For years we’ve all heard the benefits of double-glazing, and we’ve all cringed at the cost. Now with SingleTherm, there’s an affordable upgrade solution using SingleTherm single-glazing to improve the thermal performance of the glass in your home.

What is SingleTherm? 

SingleTherm Glass will allow the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass into the building, but it will prevent the heat from leaving the room. This considerably reduces heat loss and therefore improves the comfort levels in your home. It also helps in summer by reducing solar heat gain. 

That’s warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

SingleTherm’s secret is found in its low emissivity coating. When applied to the glass this coating improves thermal insulation and also further reduces the solar heat gain. Fused to the glass at extremely high temperature whilst being made, allows the coating to form a durable hard transparent layer on the glass. 

  • Better value thermal performance
  • Easily retrofit
  • Thermal performance glass specialists

SingleTherm offers low internal and external visible reflectivity, typically desirable in residential buildings and commercial buildings when transparency is valued. 

SingleTherm is a great alternative to double glazing and at half the cost it provides an almost un-noticeable rate of thermal performance.

Added benefits compared with single glazing

Reduces UV
radiation by 99%

Prevents fading of your furnishings (Laminate Only)


Reduce General Noise
by approx 35%

Compared with standard single glazing (Laminate Only)



(Laminate Only)


safety glass

(Laminate Only)