Fend Glass & Ceramic Coatings

Allied Glass are a stockist of Fend for Glass and Ceramics (glazed surfaces). Fend is easy to apply yourself or one of our team can apply upon install of a new item. Fend creates a hydrophobic, self-cleaning layer on your glass. That means better visibility in the wet on auto and marine glass, less cleaning time and effort for domestic glass like showers and windows, and solar panels that clean themselves when it rains, and stay free from moss and lichen.

  • Windows

  • Showers

  • Auto Glass

  • Marine Glass

  • Solar Panels

  • Ceramic Tiles

Call us on 0800 111 881 to order or ask for Fend next time you come in. We have stock on hand of the 50ml variety which will coat more than 10 square metres of glass! At $40.00 there isn't a glass coating that performs like Fend anywhere near this price.

Here are some performance indicators for a single application:

Car windscreen - every 6 months (due to wipers)
Marine Glass or PVC clears - every 12 months
Shower - every 12 months
Solar Panels - every 12 months
Domestic or Commercial windows - 2-3 years