Amazing service. True Story

Here is the scenario- last night my son puts a football through the window. Glass everwhere etc.... Clean up and a quick patch up job. 

- Get to work this morning Friday 21 August 2012 - Realise this morning @ 10am that I needed to do something? Oh Sh*t I need to get the window fixed!
- Find Allied Glass and call them
- Discuss repairing my window quickly and ask Linda for a quote. 
- I am about to head into meeting so request that if the job is under $250 to just do it and fix/repair. Linda responds that it shouldn't be more $150.00 from my description. I am honestly thinking about additional fees, call out and quick response fees etc... So I am expecting to fork out more $$$ because they are sending someone over in the next hour. C/C details exchanged.
- 11:15am immediately after my meeting I race to the phone and in a frantic voice highlight that the alarm is set and my neighbor needed to be called.
- Linda responds with.... Don't worry the job is completed!
- I am like you are kidding Ive only just come out of a meeting?!?!?! You are joking!!! I was only just talking to you not long ago??
- A little confused I ask how did he do the job without setting off my alarm??
- Overwhelmed by the response I ask Linda not to process my card and want to personally drive and pay in person. I am curious to meet these people.
- 4:30pm I arrive to pay and find genuine and smiling faces at the reception. My assumption of the lady on arrival is Linda! 
- My perception on the phone about the business was consistant from the start to the end.
- Even better the initial price I was quoted was not what I paid. It was better!
- Awesome value for money!!! The service they provide is tops!

Linda and the team did a great job today!! Thanks and appreciated.

Note: I don't know anyone in this business and have never used them and I am a 100% genuine customer. Highly recommended and I will be using them again!!! You should too!


Response: Thankyou Cecil for taking the time to write this. We appreciate it and appreciate your business too.