How mirrors add value to your home

At Allied Glass we sell a lot of mirrors in all shapes and sizes and to a huge range of people and businesses in Auckland. Mirrors are a very important part in any house and what alot of folk don’t know is a correctly positioned mirror can add value to your home and in circumstances provide a safety aspect as well. (more on that later)

Where to place mirrors in a living room

In most living rooms there will be a feature window, which will hopefully have a nice view outside of trees, gardens, shrubs and so on. Placing a mirror on the correct wall will open the space up and change the visual appeal of the room dramatically.  Small things such as tipping the mirror on its side can make the room look longer and reflect the outside view to make the room appear warmer and more appealing.

Another trick is to put a mirror close to or beside the dining table. By doing this you will create more light to eat by and create a restaurant feel to the room. The room feels more alive and vibrant when this is done.

How to use Mirrored Furniture

It is not uncommon now to see people renovating pieces of furniture using mirrors. A solid chest of drawers, or table can be converted to chic piece using mirrors. Some quality glue and you have a feature piece for the centre of the room.
Allied Glass will be happy to supply the mirrored glass and cut it to size to suit of the piece being renovated.

Typically people cover the sides of chest of drawers with mirrors and the tops which can also open the room up considerably and give a stylish furniture piece to be admired by friends or family. It is something different and is very cost effective.
So there are some ideas on how to use mirrors to add some value to your home.
Hope you enjoyed the article and contact us should you need any advice on mirrors or glass replacement.

If you really want to spice things up in your home you can even add a trick mirror (not supplied by Allied Glass) and get some unusual effects. Check it out below